Britain began the preparations for the elections to the European Parliament

Британия начала подготовку к выборам в Европарламент

Britain began to prepare for the elections to the European Parliament on the background of the prospects of a long delay for Brexit. This was reported by the AFP news Agency.

The British government on the eve on Friday said it had formally notified the local authorities on the elections and has agreed to pay the initial training.

It is noted that the premises of city councils and schools across the country are already used as polling centers. Also placed orders for the manufacture of tens of millions of ballots.

Prime Minister Teresa??Mei acknowledged that Britain is “by law obliged to hold elections”, if you remain a member of the EU after may 23.

And the ruling conservatives and the opposition labour party is still silent about any plans of the campaign, fearing the reaction of voters, – is spoken in the message.

The government considers that the UK can still cancel the elections until may 22, if the country will reach agreement on withdrawal from the EU by that time. While 27 of the 73 British seats of deputies in the European Parliament has already reallocated to other countries.

It became known yesterday that Theresa may had asked the EU authorities about the delay Brexit until June 30. In turn, the European Council is considering postponing for a year, which can be shortened if necessary.