Britain has allocated an additional $2.6 billion to prepare for Brexit

Британия выделила дополнительные $2,6 млрд на подготовку к Brexit

The decision was announced, the new Finance Minister Javid Sadig

The British authorities continue to prepare for Brexit without an agreement in late October, preparing to spend a further $ 2.6 billion. About it reports Reuters.

The new government headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to leave a trading bloc without an agreement within three months if the EU does not agree to review the agreement agreed to by the former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

In his first statement, the new Finance Minister Sadid Javid doubled the cost of preparing for Brexit without an agreement. It is noted that the additional money will help Fund a nationwide advertising campaign to help Britons who live abroad will ensure the supply of medicines and improve the infrastructure around the ports.

“To a Brexit remains 92 days, it is important to strengthen the planning, to make sure we are ready. We want to reach a good agreement, which will cancel the anti-democratic reverse. But if we are not able to achieve good agreement, we will have to stay without an agreement at all,” said Javid.