British Airways is to offer VR entertainment in-flight

Авиакомпания British Airways будет предлагать VR-развлечения во время перелетов

Soon customers of British Airways can use a virtual reality headset during the flight. At the initial stage of the virtual 3D-cinema will be available to first class passengers on flights from London to new York. Being in the sky, passengers will be able to watch various films, including a documentary and a travel show, in 2D, 3D and 360°.

Headset carrier will put the company SkyLights. They allow you to dive into the virtual world, no matter in what position the user is located. VR headsets provide a high level of immersion even if the user is in a horizontal position.

In addition to movies and entertainment passengers will be able to interact with specialized content, like meditation, guided or sound therapy, which was created specifically for people experiencing fear when flying.

It is worth saying that British Airways was the first British company that started to implement the VR solutions for passengers. Representatives of British Airways believe that the company is always looking for the latest technology that can improve the quality of customer service on the ground and in the air. Integration of virtual reality could lead to a real revolution in the field of entertainment during the flight. The company noted that the use of VR headsets will make the journey truly memorable.

It is likely that the experience of the British airline will try to adopt other airlines and future passengers of many flights will be distracted during the flight, immersed in the virtual world.