British Chelsea fans are asked not to provoke Kiev memories of the war with Russia

Британских фанатов "Челси" просят не провоцировать киевлян воспоминаниями о войне с Россией

The British Embassy in Kiev has published rules of conduct for Britons who want to visit the match “Dinamo” – “Chelsea” in Kiev March 14. Not without warning about the political situation in the country.

Together with the logical reminders that the British travel to Ukraine don’t need visas (but you should make a medical insurance), there are unexpected. Among them the fact that “local alcohol stronger than beer in England.”

Also Britons are warned not to taste alcoholic drinks from strangers at the bar. Because it can be diluted, after which the victim could end up on the street unconscious.

“Most visits to Ukraine are trouble-free. However, there were cases of violent attacks on foreign nationals, including football fans in Kiev. So be especially careful” – warn in the British Embassy.

The British also recommend to use only official taxis, which is written a phone number and company name. This fare must be agreed in advance. No Smoking in public places. Keep track of your things (especially your passport). And not use drugs.

“To understand the current political situation (in particular, tensions between Ukraine and Russia) to avoid any action or singing, which can provoke a hostile reaction of the home fans,” warned the British Embassy.

Match “Dynamo” – “Chelsea” will be held on Thursday, March 14. The beginning of the match at the NSC Olimpiyskyi at 19:55. First match Chelsea won with the score 3:0.