British physician Christian Jessen: as feet known of many diseases

Британский врач Кристиан Йессен: по состоянию ног узнаются многие болезни

Most diseases can be recognized by a stop condition. Special attention to their legs should give people with high blood sugar levels.

British physician Christian Jessen spoke at a London medical conference, describing the signs of many serious diseases manifest themselves in the form of certain conditions of the feet. The results of the study of Jessen was published in the newspaper Express.

In particular, noted Christian Jessen, cold and pale legs is often observed in patients suffering from problems related to clogging arteries and cardiovascular disease. Permanent muscle weakness in the legs is characteristic of people suffering from arrhythmia and neurologic diseases.

As the feet of TS patients, doctors often learn about high blood sugar and susceptibility to diabetes. With increased concentration of sugar in the blood damage the nerves, circulation suffers, and with it the sensitivity in the legs. So, a person can RUB, hurt the leg, but not to feel and not notice it, as not to notice the infection.

“People who are predisposed to diabetes, you should regularly visit a podiatrist” – recommended a British doctor.