British scientists have discovered a new cancer symptoms

Британские ученые обнаружили новые симптомы рака

Doctors whose patients complain of prolonged pain in the throat combined with the complicated breath, swallowing problems, and pain in the ears, you should consider that the cause of such symptoms might be cancer. To such conclusion in the new study, according to “BBC Ukraine”, transfer Ukrainian news.

Now patients with persistent hoarseness or tumors of the neck of unknown etiology is recommended to get checked for throat cancer or larynx.

At the same time, the researcher Whelan Wu said that patients do not prematurely worry.

“A direct connection between the sore throat itself, and laryngeal cancer no. However, it is important that this study confirms recommendations for additional tests for older people with steady hoarseness,” adds the researcher.

Study leader Dr Elizabeth shepherd says that they first thoroughly examined all symptoms that can signal cancer of the larynx.

“The main value of the study is that we found that hoarseness is an important symptom of cancer of the larynx, but the risk of larynx cancer is greatly increased when it is combined with a constant sore throat,” said Shepard.

Professor Hamilton pointed out that if we are talking about a sore throat “sore throat must be strong enough to come to the doctor”.

“We all used to pain in the throat, but the pain, which they say doctors, it deserves attention, because it is beyond the normal range for the patient,” explained Hamilton.

And it is the combination of persistent symptoms – sore throat, hoarseness, trouble breathing or swallowing – can be a sign of trouble.