British workers accidentally painted over graffiti famous Banksy – 24 Channel

Британські робітники випадково замалювали графіті відомого Бенксі - 24 Канал

One of the creations by the infamous artist Banksy accidentally sketched working in the city of Bristol, UK. The guesses of fans from that city there is the mysterious artist.

This is reported by the BBC.

The incident happened with tenant Joe si, who hired workers to build those to order before the opening of her tea shop. Those long time without thinking, began to paint painted the blinds on the entrance to the store, as one of the passers-by saw this and remarked that it is the work of the legendary Banksy.

We painted over half of it, as someone asked, is it possible to make the latest Banksy graffiti. I do not know
confessed Jo si.

Британські робітники випадково замалювали графіті відомого Бенксі - 24 Канал
Half-painted over Banksy graffiti in Bristol

Abstract graffiti, though not similar to the political work of Banksy, but Simon, who made the remark at the graffiti, added that it is precisely the creation of the favorite artist. According to him, the Banksy once was friends with the previous tenant Tony Kofi, who had a skateboard shop. He asked the artist to make symbolic graffiti 20-30 pounds in the late 1990s. Now, Joe C. asks street artists to somehow recover accidentally destroyed by graffiti.

Recall that in late July this year in Kiev, there were drawings of the artist Banksy. This happened after the presentation of the famous British group Massive Attack at the festival UPark Festival 2018. For a long-standing conjecture of users, the soloist of group Robert Del Naja is a mysterious artist under the pseudonym Banksy.

Who is Banksy?Banksy is Naniwa street artist, whose real name is nobody knows. Among the most common versions that are found on the network, his name is Robert or Robin banks and he was born in the English city of Bristol. 44-year-old man is known undergroundno graffiti artist, political activist and filmmaker, whose face is still not installed.

Man has organized many exhibitions worldwide, and his controversial graffiti, which relate to a variety of political and social issues, become objects of the world discussion.

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