Britney Spears has completed the treatment and left a psychiatric clinic

Бритни Спирс завершила курс лечения и покинула психиатрическую клинику

The famous American singer Britney Spears, which stirred up the network of his hospitalization and treatment in a mental hospital, left the hospital. Despite the information that she needed to undergo another course of treatment, she went home.

About a month ago, the network was excited about the news about the treatment of Britney Spears in a psychiatric hospital. And fans were forced to worry about pictures of the stars that she was confused and tired, despite the fact that was driving home to celebrate Easter. However, according to the publication, The Blast, in fact, the singer has completed treatment and is ready to return to normal life.

37-year-old Britney Spears was a 30-day course of treatment and previously reported that it would need another term. However, after the statement of the mother star Lynn pierce, that she was forcibly kept in the clinic, the star back will not.

About the improvement of health of the singer can testify her video message to the fans on the page in Instagram. The other day she turned to him with a request to give her some privacy and time to enable it to cope with difficulties.