Britney Spears scared by the appearance on the beach: scandalous PHOTOS

Бритни Спирс напугала внешностью на пляже: скандальное ФОТО

Paparazzi caught Britney Spears on vacation, footage of non-ideal body of the American star hit the net

The shots of the singer, who is now resting in the Caribbean, a noticeable weight. Overweight Britney aggressively fights, but she is still far from a perfect figure, write news Yu

Britney Spears had six months of actively working to improve their lives. After treatment in a psychiatric clinic and canceling all upcoming performances, the singer decided to start her own body and spend more time with your loved ones.

Popular singer arranged a short holiday for himself and flew with my mom to the Caribbean. Star regularly supplied fans with new photos and videos from your guests, showing good form in Instagram, but fresh paparazzi snapshots debunked a perfect picture.

The photographs published in the Network, figure Britney Spears looks far from ideal. Extra pounds all also present on the abdomen, thighs and even the neck of the pop diva, and her skin is not too tight.

It is unknown whether these pictures are accurate or the whole thing in photoshop, used to create the illusion of a scandal. The singer continues to post videos of their workouts, which show the results of the work. Fans of celebrity support her efforts and love my idol despite her weight and physical shape.

Earlier, 37-year-old singer Britney Spears has shared in Instagram video with his training. According to the artist, it is usually hard to lose weight. However, the star continues to work hard on yourself. As an example and incentive for Spears serves her boyfriend – fitness coach Sam Asgari.

Бритни Спирс напугала внешностью на пляже: скандальное ФОТО