Broke well-known Ukrainian group

Распалась известная украинская группа

Popular Ukrainian indie-pop group Panivalkova, which was established 6 years ago, decided to stop his creative activity. The members of the group announced this on the official pages, explaining that I wanted to start a solo career, reports ONLINE.UA.

According to the singers, even in 2018, they agreed that the group Panivalkova ceases to exist. Each of the singers – Irina Kulishenko, Dasha Pugacheva, Irina Luzina, plans to stay in show business, presenting solo projects.

“We met after a long holiday and needs to announce an important decision, which we agreed among themselves in 2018. From 1 January 2019 the project is closed, and each of us begins (or continues to do) your creative project. We have created Panivalkova (or she us), so this music was carried into the world of love and sincerity. We faithfully worked on this idea for 6 years. The decision to close the project was made sincerely and with respect to each other,” they explained.

In addition, the actress thanked his supporters for the considerable support that was felt throughout their career. Before final closure of the vocal group project Panivalkova plans to release the last song.