Brother beheaded his sister for an intimate relationship with a man (video)

Брат отрубил голову сестре за интимную связь с мужчиной (видео)

A terrible tragedy happened in Tajikistan, where 23-year-old resident of the city of Istaravshan Tolib Ashyrkulov received 18 years of rigorous imprisonment for killing his minor sisters, a schoolgirl of the 11th class, misleading “Facts”.

The man was found guilty under article “murder of the minor or person in helpless condition.”

It is known that the girl named Ortugal attending the local secondary school N42, left home on October 27 2018 and has not returned home. The search for the missing to no avail.

A month later the body was found. An investigation revealed that the girl made it back home that night, where it was greeted by an older brother, accused her that she “disgraced the family” intimate relationships with men. After that, the girl ran to the barn and threatened to commit suicide, however she was strangled by the brother of the synthetic bag from under the bow. An hour later, the man returned to the scene, put the girl’s body under senorita and cut off her head.

To conceal the crime 23-year-old killer helped his 50-year-old father Bakhodur Ashyrkulov. Together with his son, he took the corpse in the trunk of a car, and then hid on the outskirts of the rural community Sarhala in the old dry channel.

On 11 December last year, the headless body was discovered by a neighbor Usurkanovich. He spoke about airs militiamen and 17 December 2018 on suspicion of murder was arrested the brother of the deceased.