Brother Ermak for money harm the stevedore Tees and Ukrainian daughter container giant MAERSK

Брат Ермака за деньги вредил стивидору Тис и украинской дочке контейнерного гиганта MAERSK

Reporters found that the investigative project “” that is what KTL is on the scandalous films with the participation of the brother of the head of the Office of the President – Denis Ermak. According to what is happening in the video, Ermak, Jr. for a bribe in 300 thousand dollars devised a plan to damage the TIS and MAERSK in the interest of KTL, which is a subsidiary company of Turkish Kinay Group.

Judging by the video that became known to journalists, Denis Yermak (the brother of the head of the office of the President Andrey Ermak) was a clear step by step plan how to prevent the biggest private port of tees and the Danish container line MAERSK. From a hidden camera in the investigation of the journalist Bigus clearly follows that for 300 000 $ Denis Ermak was prepared with the help of administrative resources to hamper the activities of Tis and Maersk through the creation of artificial problems in the authorities of different levels – Cabinet, Parliament, the Antimonopoly Committee. Until October 2019 Denis Ermak was a full-time employee and received a salary in the company KTL.

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SEO company “KTL Ukraine” confirmed the information, saying that more recently, Denis Ermak was an employee of the company and that their office is really the representative came Ermak, Vladimir Lebedev, was captured on video. However, the fact that they are co-coordinated the plans to sabotage the tees and Maersk is denied. Nevertheless, the record clearly seen and heard as Denis Ermak instructs Lebedev about the ugly goals of the office visit KTL Ukraine and gives the contacts of shareholder KTL Kuzmin and CEO of Odessa Igor Khokhlov.

People who personally know both defendants confirmed that the voices belong to the Ermak and Lebedev. So who are these mysterious inhabitants of Odessa with Turkish roots and whether they had reason to apprehend the development of the global leader container shipping, the Danish company MAERSK and the leader of the port industry of Ukraine company tees?

According to information from the community of freight forwarders, it turned out that over the past two years from a few major customers the company KTL there is only one company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri Kosyuk. KTL has provided to MHP mediation services for the ordering of vehicles and execution of forwarding documents, MHP has provided over 90% of the profits KTL.

As claimed by the interviewed participants of the market, KTL do have competitive reasons to prevent the activities of Maersk line and the port of tees. After all, the container train Tis and the project of refrigerated warehouse tees-Maersk gradually led to the need for the services KTL Mironovskiy Hliboproduct disappeared.

Last year the company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” is already beginning to directly receive freight rates from the shipping lines, eliminating them from the financial chains KTL and leaving them only transportation by land and railway.

The next step of MHP was to further reduction of logistics costs by building on-site tees warehouse in conjunction with the Danish line Maersk, which was planned to connect with the factory MHP in Ladyzhin service container trains, which operates the Tis.

Such a development would mean for KTL loss of 90% of the profits, so the company went for broke, trying to slow down the development of the “TIS” and Maersk with the help of administrative levers.

It should be noted that before the “cassette scandal” KTL was known in the market as a professional team, which managed to create a profitable business through high quality service and personal connections in the leadership of the MHP. Before she got into the “cassette scandal”, it readily lent banks East, Pivdenny and MTB, and truckers willingly granted her grace. Market participants predict that participation in such a national scandal hurt the reputation of the company KTL and deprive it of the future.

World practice shows that the company became involved in a noisy corruption scandals, automatically cease to pass compliance in large multinational and Ukrainian companies. Given that today made public only part of the records of the Ermak, it is possible that new details emerge about plans KTL to eliminate competitors. In addition, Tis and Maersk will certainly not leave without consequences the unfriendly actions of KTL.