“Brotherhood” by Pavel Lungin will not in the Day of Victory

«Братство» Павла Лунгина выйдет не в День Победы

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky asked the Director Pavel Lungin “not to tie the premiere of the film “Brotherhood” to the Victory Day and to choose the start date of the rental, which will not cause public disputes”, according to the official website of the Department where the day before the public discussion of the picture.

At the end of March with the criticism of the film struck Senator Igor Morozov, who said that the tape “has caused a mixed reaction in the Afghan community.” However, on 8 April, as reported by the Director of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture Olga Lyubimova, the picture was issued a rental license on may 9.. However, in the decision of the office intervened, the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The resulting public discussion of the picture.

The film will be released, and no legitimate reason for “banning” does not exist. The Prime Minister will not bind to the Victory Day, we will remove the social tension. Pavel Semenovich Lungin will select the date, which will not cause disputes, either before or after – it will benefit and commercial rental, and suspended dialogue with the audience, “said Medina.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on science, education and culture of the Federation Council Igor Morozov said that the decision of the Agency is reasonable.

Paul Lungin has said the film is “primarily an anti-war film”, but agreed with the postponement of the release.

Do, apparently, is of concern to many people, especially Afghans. I think we can release the film on may 10-12. It is important for me to defend this film, which I was trying to make an honest, to do for young people so they recognize themselves in these characters, these boys, who lost in the war, “- said Lungin.

Also during the public discussion it became clear that hosted the private screening of the film for “300 people aged 18 to 40 years.” According to the results the sociologists VTSIOM conducted a survey and found that “young people see the film more positively”: 30% liked the painting of 61% – “rather like.” With 43% of viewers had a “interest” 29% – “the horror”, 27% – “pride,” 20% – “hope.” Indifferent film left only 1.4% of the audience of 6.9% experienced a “distrust” and 3.5% “irritation”. Asked spectators about the match events of the film actually. Entirely appropriate is it called 20%, “43% are aware that the film is partly corresponds to actual events, and partly an invention of the filmmakers. 13,9% did not answer this question, noting that little is known about the events in Afghanistan.”

“Brotherhood” tells about the events of 1988, a few weeks before the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Command of the 108th motorized rifle division is planning a retreat through the Salang pass, controlled by the group of Mujahideen Engineer Josema. Intelligence tries to negotiate a truce with the spooks, but the case is complicated by the fact that the prisoner gets to Hosea Soviet military pilot. Starts a complicated game in which intertwine the opposing interests of many different people: officers, Islamists, special forces, intelligence officials from the Afghan government, employees of the Soviet secret police, Tajiks and Pashtuns. And in the center of this maelstrom are the soldiers of the reconnaissance, which is more important than any political considerations remains rule “not to leave his.” A new film by Pavel Lungin draws the most truthful picture of the events of thirty years ago, and clearly shows that the war – especially if this war is about to end – nothing ever goes according to plan.

«Братство» Павла Лунгина выйдет не в День Победы