Brothers Biot won the race-stalking Pidruchny was in the top 30

Братья Бьо выиграли гонку-преследование, Пидручный попал в топ-30

Bailey Lowell Biot, despite the three penalties, was able to win the race-the pursuit at the last world Cup in Norwegian Holmenkollen.. He showed a time of 32:15,6. While at the finish he was ahead of his brother TARENA +13,9. Thus, together they have risen to the top.

Arnd Peiffer finished third (+18,2). He beat Felix Leitner (+22,1), which is the only biathletes shot clean.

By the way: Norway won the Nations Cup in biathlon, national team of Ukraine finished the season in the top 10

The Ukrainians ran only Dmitry Pidruchny and Brendan. But their shooting and skiing time is not impressed. Assistant did four penalties ((1+1+0+2) and showed the 30-s time (+2:52.2). Because of this, he will be in the mass start on Sunday, March 24. This will be the last race on the world Cup biathlon in season 2018-2019..

But Brendan with seven penalties ((1+3+2+1) behind +5:38.6. His time is only 49th in this race.

Sunday, March 24, there will be another two races – men’s and women’s mass starts. Men Ukraine will only represent Dmitry Pidruchny. But Ukrainian women are not able themselves to ensure the participation in the competition. The best of Ukrainians became Vita Semerenko.