Brothers Dubnevichi rewrote its TPP in Lviv region on sons

Братья Дубневичи переписали свои ТЭЦ во Львовской области на сыновей

Changes made on 16 January

Brothers Dubnevichi rewrote OOO “Energy-Novyi Rozdil”, which is the owner of the plant in the town of Novyi Rozdil in Lviv region, on their sons. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to data of analytical system YouControl.

Changes in the Unified register of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs introduced 16 January 2020.

The founders of OOO “Energy-a New Section” are the two companies – LLC “Agroindustrial enterprise “Lvivske” (90,05% stake in the share capital) and city state communal enterprise “Restoreparameters”.

Earlier owners “Lviv” ultimate beneficiaries “Energy-New Rivendell” was the people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation Bogdan Dubnevich and his brother, Deputy to the ninth convocation Yaroslav Dubnevich. Currently, the actual owners of the LLC became the son of Bogdan Dubnevich – Paul, Yaroslav dubnevich – Yuri.

Recall, the Higher anti-corruption court (WACHS) on January 21, will hold a preparatory court session on the case of theft of gas NAK “Naftogaz-Ukraine” in the amount of about UAH 1.5 billion.