Brought special chickens to fight cancer

Вывели специальных кур для борьбы с раком

Scottish scientists from Edinburgh University have deduced genetically modified chickens and eggs which will help in the fight against cancer.

Chicken eggs contain 2 types of human proteins. They are able to counteract arthritis and some types of cancer cells.

The first protein – FNalpha2a. It has antiviral and anti-cancer properties. Second, the human and the porcine variant protein macrophage-CSF. It will be used for a drug that will stimulate the healing of damaged tissues.

The development of diseases in the body is associated with a lack of some protein. Such diseases can be controlled with medications, which contain the required element.

3 chicken eggs contains a clinical dose of the drug. One bird can lay up to 300 eggs. In addition, chicken production will be cheaper factory version of the drug in 10-100 times. The savings stems from the fact that build and operate poultry houses are much cheaper than sterile and clean room for factory production.

“Modified chickens live in very large pens. Cared for skilled technical workers, who every day they are fed and watered. In General, the life of these chickens is quite comfortable,” says Dr. Lissa Heron company of Edinburgh, Roslin Technologies. She is working on the commercialization of the project.

Subsequently, the project modified farming chickens can be increased to drugs in industrial quantities.

The development of a drug for the treatment of people is more than 10 years, predict researchers. The method is also suitable for creating veterinary medicines. In particular, drugs that strengthen the immune system of farm animals as an alternative to antibiotics.

“For example, we could use it to regenerate the liver or kidneys pet. Available right now drugs are very expensive,” – said the expert.