Brought to the people and saved: Volochkova responded to the accusations ungrateful alcoholic-Sobchak

Вывела в люди и спасла: Волочкова ответила на обвинения неблагодарной алкоголичке-Собчак

Mutual claims and past grievances haunt women later. To find out who took and who as a disgraced, dancer and TV presenter decided publicly.

In the “Exclusive” Ksenia Sobchak openly admitted that the reason for her feud with Anastasia Volochkova became the man that she allegedly stole the best “friend”.

“In the past we had a conflict because of her betrayal. Anastasia was one of my closest friends, I showed her the Moscow. And then Nastia has been having an affair with my young man,” said Ksenia.

Response Volochkova has not kept itself waiting. She responded to the accusations ungrateful alcoholic Sobchak and offered his version of what happened that differs from Sobchak. According to Anastasia, she always envied her, because she failed to be a ballerina, although she really wanted. Ksenia with her parents often came to her performances at the Mariinsky theatre. In addition, Volochkova says that she brought Sobchak to the people, and not Vice versa, as told Ksenia.

Anastasia recalled that arrived in Moscow earlier Sobchak, and immediately became the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre. Lived a dancer in the hotel “MARRIOTT”, where he met and later mother of Ksenia. Lyudmila Borisovna Narusova, described her daughter as an avid party girl and asked the new acquaintance to help her daughter settle in Moscow. For example, to give Xenia unnecessary invitation.

With assistance or without, but Sobchak in the crowd still broke, as you know. But instead of gratitude she has experienced to her friend’s envy, and once even tried to push her friend on the stairs, but Anastasia survived by a miracle, but on the show Versace woman was not so lucky – Ksenia publicly poured her wine.

Anastasia herself did not consider her friend Xenia. Way to attract attention to themselves with scandals ballerina then seemed to be unacceptable. And Ksenia was still plenty to do Volochkova scandal and was a good fit for the role of the victim.

But even after that Volochkova was good to Sobchak. She explained that she did not steal Ksenia’s lover Fame Leibman, and saved her from alcoholism. Xenia lived with Umar Dzhabrailov, but the mother noticed that her daughter began to sleep and Narusova asked Anastasia to cause jealousy of my daughter coming in a public place with an ex-boyfriend of Xenia Glory.

Volochkova believes that Sobchak has still not forgiven her success, because the title of prima her life, and she continues to stay afloat only by arranging scandals and shocking the audience.

Вывела в люди и спасла: Волочкова ответила на обвинения неблагодарной алкоголичке-Собчак

Вывела в люди и спасла: Волочкова ответила на обвинения неблагодарной алкоголичке-Собчак