Bruises all over her body: under the Nikolaev mother brutally beat a small child, video

Гематомы по всему телу: под Николаевом мать зверски избила маленького ребенка, видео

In the Nikolaev area mother suspected of beating his own year-old baby. During the incident the woman was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

According to “Apostrophe”, this is stated in the story TSN.

The child who cried in his mother’s arms, the doctors found numerous bruises. At the moment the child is in the hospital in a state of moderate severity. The doctors say that the girl with closed craniocerebral injury, multiple bruises of face, body, head.

Interestingly, earlier, a grief-mother was deprived of parental rights with respect to the four older children.

Social services noted that this would-be mother, most likely, will lose rights to the fifth child.

The woman in the morning came to the hospital, where she began to prove that that night never drank and was sober and her daughter were traumatized because of the accident.

“I didn’t hit her. She fell out of the stroller. On the neck – the policeman took away forcibly from the hands of pulled out, injured. I her finger didn’t. From a wheelchair fell down, did not finish”, she said.

In turn, the doctors assure that the fall to earth would be abrasion.