Budget session takes place rapidly

Бюджетная сессия проходит бурно

The acting people’s Deputy sat at the podium with the Secretary of the city Council – acting mayor Roman Romanov

Meeting of the session of the Melitopol city Council has begun that eks-the mayor took the chair at the podium. And to the surprise of the members of such determination, said: “the law gives me the right to attend all meetings, sessions”, they say, do not begin even to doubt.

Apparently, Minko once again wants to show who is really the “boss” of the city.

“Deja vu: the podium again the same person” – note Melitopol media, existents at the session of the city Council.

Yes, the law entitles the MP to attend meetings with a consultative vote. But to be right in the podium…

Note that the first few minutes Sergey Minko was trying to speak in the national language. As it turned out, the MP Minko Ukrainian language does not speak at least to Express something worthwhile, and still asked permission to go to Russian.

At city Council session has also Deputy head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Ivan Fedorov. Note when the head of the faction opposition bloc Galina Danilchenko demanded changes to the rules of the meeting and said that members of the Executive Committee violated the law by raising the tariff for heat for the population to 25%, Fedorov demanded to turn off the microphone.