Bugatti has teased users with a new hypercar

Bugatti подразнила пользователей соцсетей новым гиперкаром

The company announced 2020-th year named after himself.

French manufacturer of automotive luxury spread in Instagram a photo of some new hypercar, the closed cover. Teaser post is accompanied by a statement that the coming year will be the year Bugatti. Looks like Malzeme believe that this time has created something really special.

Main at the moment, the question is how prepared the company is really a new model or tease us another derivative of “Chiron”, which over the last couple of years there have been a lot – by the standards of the brand, of course. Recall that the basic 1500-horsepower coupe was the basis for the Chiron Sport, Divo, Chiron Sport 110 ans Bugatti Chiron Centodieci and record-breaking Super Sport 300+. In addition, the hypercar name of racing driver Louis Chiron was the donor for built in a single copy, La Voiture Noire.

By the way, the latest model at the time of the premiere at the Geneva motor show in 2019 was a slow-moving prototype. Maybe now “Bugatti” is ready to present to the public its final version? Also there is a small possibility that the head of the brand Stefan Winkelmann still managed to persuade the bosses of Volkswagen Group to allocate money to build a second model, which will be sold simultaneously with Chiron. The latter is said, brings the company a good profit, while its predecessor the Veyron was disastrously unprofitable even despite the price tag.

Judging by the statements of Johann Joachim Winckelmann made in various interviews, the second self-Bugatti will be quadruple electric car priced from 500 thousand to 1 million euros. However, his body will be unique – something like high coupe, partly competing with the luxury SUVs of other brands.