Buick prepares for the presentation of the new Encore

Buick готовит к презентации новый Encore

The company Buick is planning two weeks in Shanghai to showcase the new crossover Buick Encore, the successor generation. With him will be offered and the option of an Encore GX, according to unofficial sources represents a variant with increased wheelbase.

While the manufacturer presented the first promotional teaser of the model showing the back of the crossovers in case of strong dimming. While it is possible to say that the new generation of American SUV will get a new stylish tail lights.

The manufacturer has carefully hides the technical details of their new development, limited only by the information that the model will get a new CVT and “automatic” with nine ranges family Hydro-Matic.

Independent experts believe that the new Buick Encore will be available later this year, and the Encore GX model should appear on sale in the us market, at least, registration of such name in the United States was conducted.

Recall that today Buick is considering the Chinese market as a priority, provide a significantly higher sales than in the domestic U.S. market.

More details about the car will be available in the near future.

Buick готовит к презентации новый Encore

Buick готовит к презентации новый Encore