Builders postpone new projects and talking about the redistribution of the market

Строители откладывают новые проекты и говорят о переделе рынка

The company’s pause to define a new handler in the industry.

Developers are afraid of the collapse of reforms in the industry, because not in a hurry to launch new facilities prior to the approval of the new management of the Ministry of Infrastructure, told co-founder of the “Ukrainian club of real estate” (URE Club) Olga Solovey

“More than 30% of the projects across the country, starting the implementation of which was scheduled for III-IV quarter of this year, may be delayed due to a change in the leadership of the relevant Ministry. Stagnation in the construction market could lead to a significant budget shortfall,” he assured her.

The participants of the construction market does not understand how to change work rules, as well as whether to continue the reform of the State architectural and construction inspection (EXTINGUISH).

Actively spread rumors about privatization of the state building company ukrbud. Whether they are true – no one knows. Although developers already have smoked in earnest.

“It’s the largest company of Kiev, have declared, if I am not mistaken, 900 thousand m2 of stratophere. And there is unconfirmed information that it will be replaced by one or more bodies,” he said one of the participants of the market.

Versions of this many, until the criminal proceedings. But they have not confirmed because they did not deserve to be trusted.

At the same time spread rumours that the construction reform collapsed, and the new urban standards will be canceled. That, of course, troubling for the company.

“A very high risk of collapse of the reforms, though, because in our country, any change of power means a complete change of leadership of all ministries and departments. In addition, there is a risk that the promised launch of an electronic system that would regulate the industry, may be delayed,” – said in an interview with the head of sales of the mini-city Svitlo Park Alexander Panfilov.

Business fears that the construction market will repartition between a few companies.

“It is too early to talk about the redistribution of the market, but it is quite possible, and this process can take several months. That is, a certain number of new projects can be delayed, and the construction is frozen,” says Panfilov.

Recall that over the past few years in the construction industry has been a number of significant changes concerning the principles of construction:

  • First, adopted new GOS, the main of which – the introduction of “blue” and “green” lines, not allowing chaotic build up Ukrainian cities.
  • Secondly, made a very important constraint on density and the definition of the local area, which virtually preclude the construction in already built-up neighborhoods;
  • Thirdly, the reform EXTINGUISH, which no time was accused of corruption.