Building a 3D printer they printed the first two-storey house

Строительный 3D-принтер напечатал первый двухэтажный дом

Строительный 3D-принтер напечатал первый двухэтажный дом

Company Kamp C used Europe’s largest 3D printer COBOD for the construction of the classical country house in Antwerp. The project was implemented within three weeks, and he has saved about 60% of the materials budget in comparison with the construction of the same house the traditional way. In the future this technology will allow to build these houses in 2 days.

The project was created for research purposes and lighting architecture capabilities with support for 3D printing. This is the first two-story house, printed on a 3D printer, and the total area was 90 square meters, according to the New Atlas.

The features of the printer

The printer uses a method CODOD tsementovannoy extruding the mixture from the nozzle to create the Foundation and walls. When the main part was completed, the house took up the builders and architects. First installed Windows and the roof, and the second arranged living space.

“The strength of the compressed material is three times higher than that of a conventional house of bricks. In addition to fibers in concrete, the number of used mesh is extremely limited. As a result, the technology has eliminated the need for formwork, which allowed to save about 60% of the materials, time and budget, – says the chief project Manager Masha Aerts.

Строительный 3D-принтер напечатал первый двухэтажный дом

Строительный 3D-принтер напечатал первый двухэтажный дом

Interior printed on a 3D printer building

The finished structure resembles a typical Belgian house. Inside is an entrance hall, two large rooms, one of which can be a bedroom, second living and kitchen area. The authors of the project also added several additional features like floor heating, solar panels and heat pump.

The authors of the project believe that in the future construction of objects of similar sizes and number of storeys can be reduced to two days.

The prospects of 3D printing of buildings

Over the past few years additive technology made a dramatic leap from small 3D printers that print small parts, significant machines developed for the aircraft industry and construction of buildings.

Often 3D printer for building houses is positioned as “affordable housing for everyone,” however, Kamp C believe that the house should not be equivalent to the dugout and offer a complete building.

This type of construction is gaining wide popularity due to its effectiveness, cheapness and ease of. It is possible that in 15-20 years it will become mainstream and is no surprise.

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