Bundesliga wonder was blamed for the rush: football is back, coronavirus – not yet

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

German Bundesliga the first of the leading European football Championships resumed the game, despite the criticism and the fear of the coronavirus. Not everyone is happy, but the experience has sparked interest in the world.

Bundesliga Tuesday, may 26, waiting for the top match: Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Dortmund vs Munich, the second club against the first. Face-to-face meeting is quite capable to decide the outcome of the championship – 7 rounds before the end of the season “Borussia” lags behind leading Bayern to four points. But on this day in Germany, say no more than the particular conditions which will match without spectators in the stands, with strict requirements to hygiene due to the ongoing pandemic coronavirus, on the one hand, and on privileges for the Bundesliga on the other.

After discussions about the coronavirus honorary second place in Germany talk about the validity of the adoption or repeal measures to protect him. Not everyone liked the fact that while children still are not allowed to regularly go to kindergartens and schools, the matches of the Bundesliga resumed from 16 may.

The players are too afraid to get sick COVID-19

Although Germany was deprived of the most popular national sport for more than two months, the resumption of the championship at best called “restrained joy,” wrote one of the oldest football weekly Kicker, this year celebrating the centenary. Too great the fear was too strong a criticism, heard from different sides.

In addition to purely sporting reasons – lack of time to prepare for the regular matches, to this increased risk of injury – concerns were associated with the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2. After all, football is a contact sport. The athletes talked about the fact that wnov afraid to go out on a green lawn. “The head is not free, because after the infection we can the rest of my life torturing lung problems”, – admitted, for example, the player’s third League sören Bertram (S?ren Bertram).

High risk of infection and serious damage to health does not exclude, and sports physicians: players “a little abuse”, said, for example, in an interview with SWR Probate Ingo (Ingo Frob?se) from the Higher school of physical education and sport in Cologne. The resumption of the championship of the Bundesliga earlier than any other sports called unfair by those sports clubs and associations, who have not had such a powerful lobby in the government, as the Bundesliga.

“Emergency mode” Bundesliga

Finally against the resumption of matches played and many fans. In Germany football clubs have very close relationships with fan organizations, which are sometimes partly owned by. From the point of view of the majority of fans of matches without spectators in the stadiums – it is not football. Fans accused the leadership of the League and the bosses of football clubs is that they are driven solely by monetary interests. The negative attitude to the restart of the domestic League football was the majority of Germans. According to polls, only a third of respondents supported the decision of the German football League (DFL) to finish the season, more than half were against it.

“The fears and concerns must be taken seriously. It is a perfectly legitimate and understandable feelings. I won’t even try to discourage someone,” – he reassured critics the head of the DFL Christian Seifert (Christian Seifert). In the leadership of the Bundesliga did not deny the fact that the decision to finish the championship in spite of possible risks due to “purely economic considerations”.

However, the DFL insisted. Main argument: if the tournament cannot be completed, the clubs will receive no money for television, as it can lead to bankruptcy for up to ten clubs from the first and second German football leagues. Therefore, the resumption of the championship Seiffert called “completely emergency mode”. To be eligible to play the championship leaders in the Bundesliga has made serious efforts and developed a strict “hygienic” concept of games.

“Emergency mode” of Bundesliga – for those who don’t know – in brief looks like. Twice a week, especially before the games, all the players and judges have to pass a test for the coronavirus. The stadium can be no more than 300 people (inside three areas, each no more than 100 visitors), no group photo, the players are asked to avoid the hugs and handshakes, not to spit on the lawn, and reserve players to wear protective masks. During the match the coach can make five substitutions instead of three and thus to keep the athletes, who do not get the optimal shape from unnecessary injuries.

Experience in the Bundesliga came in handy abroad

The international response to the restart of the championship, the Bundesliga was much more positive than in Germany. Due to the ongoing pause in the other European national football Championships matches, the Bundesliga was virtually doomed to attract record interest not only among the Germans (6 million viewers, according to TV channel Sky), but around the world. Broadcast the last two rounds, judging by the reports of holders, gathered at screens more viewers than ever before.

No less a pleasant surprise for most observers was that, despite the doubts, the players and clubs managed in an emergency situation to maintain skill and to show the game “better than you would expect after 66 days of unscheduled interruption”, as noted by sports journalists of the Guardian newspaper.

In addition to spectators and the media, the resumption of the championship of Germany on football has caused an increased interest on the part of sports officials and owners clubs around the world. “We have received a lot of calls from American clubs with a request to share information”, – said sports Director of Eintracht Frankfurt Fredi Bobic (Fredi Bobic). According to him, interest in the experience of the Bundesliga is shown not only by fellow players from overseas, but also basketball, baseball and hockey clubs. “They all want to know how we organized it,” – said Bobic.

Experience the Bundesliga are already used abroad. In the English Premier League (EPL) games have not yet resumed, but on 25 may, the clubs began team training. The German experience “boosted my confidence that in our country, it’s achievable,” said Executive Director of submarine, Richard masters. The rules of hygiene developed in the Bundesliga, became the benchmark for several other national football Championships, including the Russian Premier League (RPL).

All is going well – until

In the leadership of the Bundesliga does not hide the fact that we are talking about something more than just salvation from bankruptcy or clubs of the German football Association (DFB), who expressed “deep economic crisis”. At stake is the position of German football in the international football market, rights to future television broadcasts, etc.

While coronavirus is not highly confused maps bosses the Bundesliga. Yes, the whole part of the Dresden club “Dynamo” from the second League sat on a two-week quarantine, as two players test was positive. But overall the number of infections among the players slightly, so while the schedule of the championship has not suffered from this.

The total number of infected COVID-19 in Germany, all time low (had about 180 thousand people, but today it infected less than 10 thousand, according to estimates by the newspaper Die Zeit from official sources), so that regional policy already aloud discussing the possibility again to let fans to stadiums.

This refers, of course, the next season and additional restrictions. So, the possibility to seat the audience in a staggered manner or any other way to limit the number of viewers of 5-10 thousands. It’s a little on the background of the fact that today’s match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich in a normal situation probably would have come to see not less than 80 thousand people. But full stadiums we have seen for the last time before the pandemic.

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет

Бундеслигу зря ругали за спешку: футбол вернулся, коронавирус - пока нет