Bungie paid a round sum to the developers of Halo and Destiny after the break

Bungie заплатила круглую сумму разработчикам Halo и Destiny после разрыва

Since the beginning of the year, Activision and Bungie no longer working together in game development.

It became known that the company severed their relationship on 31 December 2018, as evidenced by the financial report of Activision. The company began their collaboration in 2014 on developing sci-Fi shooter Destiny.

This gap has become for both companies is significant, and in some way welcome. Studio Activision, which owned part of the rights to the development of the game took it as a new phase in the development. Representatives of Bungie also happy about the breakup and was glad that all rights to shooter Destiny remained with them.

The whole process went smoothly and without scandals. During negotiations it was agreed that all rights to the game company Activision sends his former partner, but not free.

Bungie paid a round sum to the developers of Halo and Destiny after the break.The financial report appears the total profit of the publisher at $164 million, odkako does not specify what amount was paid Bungie.

Now companies have to each other no claims, material rights obligations. Now the developers of both companies can develop in that direction, which it is more profitable and not be dependent on the timing and publication requirements.