“Buried alive”: Ukrainian pogranichnitsa dealt with his newborn child

«Живой закопала»: украинская пограничница расправилась со своим новорожденным ребенком

In the massacre of the just-born baby was involved and the sister gave birth to the Ukrainian army

A terrible tragedy occurred in the summer in Volyn and now details became known of the terrible killings of two women over a newborn baby.

Two sisters Pogranichniy in the town of ustilug of Vladimir-Volyn district of Volyn region severely punished with a baby. 29 Jul 2019 20-year-old pogranichnitsa in the yard of the house where she lived with her parents and sister and had a child. The woman purposefully didn’t tie the umbilical cord, besides, she slammed the baby’s head on the wall, the press service of the State Bureau of investigation.

Born girl received a serious head injury.

To deal with the baby the mother was helping her sister. She’s still a living child in a plastic bag buried in a vacant lot near the house.

At the autopsy the coroner stated that the girl was born absolutely healthy. Her weight was 4.1 kg.

It is reported that the pregnant servicewoman didn’t tell anyone, on the account in female consultation has not taken place.

After giving birth to her, bleeding was brought to a local hospital, where copper became suspicious and immediately contacted the police. The doctors said that Pogranichniy likely gave birth prematurely, but where the child is unknown.

Local police began a search of the body. Avoiding the area, they noticed a newly dug spot. There found the little dead body wrapped in plastic and in a box.

It is noted that the female suspect in a violent crime, threatens from 10 till 15 years of imprisonment or even life imprisonment.

Earlier we wrote that in Russia, announced the details of the arrest of a babysitter that the child was abducted and brutally murdered him.

A day later, the girl found in the woods with a bag in his hand. It was burned the body of five-month-old child. The killer was in the woods near the house of the family that hired her as a nanny.

“Before Victoria got in a fight with a roommate and came to our home. When he arrived after the funeral, the house was not her or our son”,- told reporters the child’s mother.

The nanny named Victoria appointed psychological and psychiatric examination. If she is found insane woman instead of prison was sent to forced treatment.

Later it turned out that the girl already had a criminal record.

«Живой закопала»: украинская пограничница расправилась со своим новорожденным ребенком

«Живой закопала»: украинская пограничница расправилась со своим новорожденным ребенком