Burned 5-year-old child in a furnace: near Zhitomir parents faces life

Сожгли 5-летнего ребенка в печи: под Житомиром горе-родителям грозит пожизненное

In Zhytomyr region the police completed the investigation of one of the most horrible crimes, which were committed in Ukraine over the last year. This was announced by the speaker of the regional Prosecutor’s office Tatiana gosh. We are talking about spouses who are suspected of murder and burning in the furnace of his 5-year-old daughter, writes “Today”.

“The pretrial investigation established that the crime was committed in August 2018 in Lystvyn village of Ovruch district, but a long time disappeared. Birth father is 5-year-old girl during a quarrel struck the child with his fist, causing the girl lost consciousness and fell.”

And the baby’s father, and a mother who was there realized that the girl was dead.

“The man lit the fire in the stove, burned her daughter’s body and the ashes and the remains thrown into the river. But they did more than that. Due to the fact that the victim child had a disability status, the parents forged documents and used them for social payments”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

As it turned out, from time to time parents visited social workers. But they were not allowed.

“Through the window of social workers, they showed one of his other children, claiming that this is the girl. This lasted until may 2019, until they were exposed”, – militiamen told.

During this time the couple fraudulently received from the state more than 43 thousand UAH “children’s” money.

In Lystvyn village, where the family lived, still can’t believe what happened. Say that was a typical family – 50-year-old man worked as a security guard, 41-year-old woman was a housewife.

“There was a period when the family was deprived of parental rights. After that, the villagers protested and the whole community demanded the return of the girl, and collected signatures. It is hoped that Pasha and Helen would be OK, that there will be no booze. But in the end one their child in a boarding school, the second no longer alive,” – told the village headman Nicholas Gilewicz.

The indictment has already been transferred to Ovruch district in Zhytomyr region. It is likely that courts will begin within the next two weeks. And the man and his wife faces life in prison.

In addition, we wrote that in Odessa region found a dead 14-year-old girl.

It is also known that in Chernihiv region found the body of missing student.