Burned in Khabarovsk camp sold vouchers twice real places

В сгоревший хабаровский лагерь продали путевок вдвое больше реальных мест

In the camp HCA “Kholdomi” in the Khabarovsk Krai has sold more vouchers than they can accommodate housing. This was announced by local authorities at a meeting of the Commission for emergency situations in the regional government, RIA Novosti reported.

As it turned out, the current third shift, has sold more vouchers than the camp can accommodate. The Commission came to the conclusion that the camp, with wooden buildings for 450 seats. Acting Minister of education of region Alexander King argues that the current shift has sold 428 tickets. However, the head of Solar district Victor Starks is a statement by the camp Director Maxim Kuznetsov, refute this information.

“The camp was, according to camp Director Maxim Kuznetsov, 250 people, including 189 in tents and 61 in the housings. Capacity for 450 people at “Kholdomi” no. There are only 226 places,” explained Starks.

In addition, the website of the organization that implements vouchers, promised accommodation in stationary housings and there was no word about the camp.

Last check of the health complex regional Rospotrebnadzor took place in February, the next was scheduled for August. The head of the provincial Department confirmed that the children were supposed to be in stationary premises. Check MOE was last carried out on may 31. In the buildings were found violations that were required to resolve before August 1. It was about the absence of evacuation plans and designation of areas where personal protective equipment, and emergency lighting.

“On July 11 we held in the camp routine training and exercises on evacuation, including training. At the time of the sessions were standing camp, which the Director explained that the tents needed for extreme games”, – said acting head of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia across Khabarovsk territory Ivan tale.

The cause of the fire could be drying clothes on the heater. As said the source TASS in law enforcement bodies, it is careless handling of electrical appliances, according to the preliminary version, resulted in a fire in one of the tents. A similar version adhere in the Khabarovsk emergency Department. We also consider the fault of the heater. Other versions while are not rejected.

The place of the accident are specialists enhanced investigative team, investigators and forensic investigators, as well as the group sent by the local Prosecutor’s office. They seized documents, interviewing campers and camp staff, as well as officials responsible for security at the camp. The Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin has ordered to refer the matter to the Central office.

The fire in the camp “Kholdomi” occurred on the night of July 23. Burned 20 of the 26 tents, a few were damaged by fire. One girl who was supposed today be at least 11 years, died in the fire. Three more children were in a coma due to his injuries, later the two girls died in the intensive care unit. Doctors continue to fight for the life of 10-year-old boy who saved you guys. His condition is estimated as heavy. Another child hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning.