Bus in the river knocked down and ran over a woman (video)

Маршрутка в Днепре насмерть сбила и переехала женщину (видео)

In the river taxi at the crosswalk to death I brought down the woman.

The accident occurred at about 12:30 at the intersection of the Avenue Carpathia and Gogol street. According to the bus driver, the accident occurred when he, together with KAMAZ stopped at the crossing to let pedestrians cross. But suddenly, from behind the truck came a woman bus driver has not noticed and knocked.

“Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, it was discovered route taxi №87. The driver made arrival on the pedestrian in the crosswalk injured woman 82 years. Before the arrival of the patrol she was hospitalized, doctors diagnosed “closed craniocerebral injury” and a fractured right thigh”, – told the “Today” in a press-service of the patrol police region.

The local edition of “the Informant” reported that the woman from the received traumas has died in hospital.

To date, the police have already interviewed the witnesses and caused the investigator for the accident. Set all the circumstances of the accident. In turn, the head of the Union of motorists and trucking region Michael tonkonogy-fault driver in the incident did not see.

“The woman ran across the road in the wrong place. She crossed the road and suddenly fell under the wheels of the bus. This is clearly seen on the video. The driver of KAMAZ did not see the woman. The driver in this situation not my fault,” said Michael long-legged.