Business again complains about raiding and tax audit – Ombudsman

Бизнес вновь жалуется на рейдерство и налоговые проверки, - омбудсмен

The business Ombudsman Algirdas Shemet noted the increase in the number of complaints business in the fourth quarter of 2018 of 39% compared to the third quarter to 427 cases after three quarters reducing their number.

Thus, according to him, frequent complaints of raiding and tax audit.

“In the fourth quarter has significantly increased the number of applications for the registration services of the Ministry of justice by 83% compared to the fourth quarter of 2017 (11 complaints). These are questions related to raiding. But thanks to the timely actions in many cases were able to restore the legitimate rights of entrepreneurs, they have not suffered significant losses,” said Shemet.

According to him, the number of complaints of tax audits has increased in the third quarter on 80% – to 80.

The tax and customs direction remains the leader in the number of complaints in October-December 2018 – 263 (63% of all complaints).

Complaints about the actions of law enforcement officers made up 14% on the actions of regulatory authorities – 6%, on the actions of local authorities – 3% of all complaints, said Shemet.

“We are seeing the deterioration of the situation on the administrative complaints of the business: of the 44 closed investigations we were able to achieve a positive result for business in only 12 cases. This is the worst performance in all subjects. SFS, contrary to the form, not always motivated to respond to our arguments on specific complaints,” he said.

Shemet also drew attention to the increase in doubled complaints about the blocking of invoices, however, said that it is getting companies to the list of risky.

“We propose to provide additional documents that they be excluded from this list. But not all customers agree for fear of tax inspections, they prefer to contact us every time a document is locked, that is, systemically,” he said.

At the same time added to the business Ombudsman, of the enterprise on 30% more often complained of actions of the National police in the fourth quarter of 2018 to 30 calls, while the number of complaints the public Prosecutor has declined by a quarter to 25, the security Service of Ukraine by 13%, to seven.

“A positive role here was played by the laws of “mask show-stop” and “masks-show-stop-2″: we almost stopped receiving complaints on the violations of the rights of business, when you come with a Balaclava, put all on the floor and without the inventory of the seized documents. Such complaints come only in very rare cases,” he said.