But without the robe even better: half-naked lorac filed a Network

А без халата еще лучше: полуобнаженная Лорак возбудила Сеть

Ani Lorak after a loud divorce from her husband has excited his fans with a new photo. Spicy pictures of the actress has published in his Instagram account.

On a black and white photo of Karolina posing in a white terrycloth robe that barely covers her vagina. Her hair is traditionally emblazoned towel. However, it is unclear why in the hotel room she sits in sunglasses.

“Tonight will be our night. Happy holiday to all!” – wrote the singer, adding that she is in Krasnodar, where her February 14 concert will take place in the show “Diva”.

Users appreciated the pictures and the image of the singer.

“Super photo. But this model points does not suit you,” wrote one user.

“Thieves in the night and the sun is shining… Cheap way,” criticized Carolina another user.

“You would have before the goal undressed,” he turned to the singer girl, Elena.

“You’re a genius of pure beauty,” he praised Lorak another subscriber.

Some even wanted to be a singer in the same bed. This is despite the fact that the star of “50 years looks like.”

“Without the robe is better,” wrote another fan of lorac.

А без халата еще лучше: полуобнаженная Лорак возбудила Сеть