Butusov: Started undeclared war Kolomoisky Zelensky

Бутусов: Началась необъявленная война Коломойского с Зеленским

Today the TV series “servant of the people” has become the Grand political drama today launched an undeclared war Igor Kolomoisky with Vladimir Zelensky.

“Although how can you fight a war with those who built Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential chair and who still is the main source of income, “95 quarter”? Zelensky will have to start a war primarily against himself. And to fight there should be no smiles – but so hard, with two guns in his hands, really.

On the eve of the extraordinary session of Parliament “public Servants” filed currently has nearly 16 thousand amendments to the law on prohibition to return the money of “Private” Igor Kolomoisky and this means that the adoption of the bill at an extraordinary session will not take place. It is necessary to vote each edit separately, a thousand for a thousand, day after day, pack edits to reject impossible, and to distract the edits from the authors continue their “creativity”, they did need to hold. And without this law the IMF will not give a penny and ruined the financial system of the state simply collapses together with the whole economy, the savings of the citizens, the government and all of its rating and career of Vladimir Zelensky at all.

Kolomoisky has nowhere to retreat. Such open opposition to the bill on second reading after its adoption in the first, explained in one – “PrivatBank” has filed a lawsuit against Kolomoisky and his team of 5.5 billion dollars. This means, in case of victory, what to take away from Kolomoisky in the West will be able to do everything. The adoption of the law strengthens the claim. To accept the law makes a claim not wealthy. It is obvious that the claim of “PrivatBank” agreed with the IMF and the US government, and if Kolomoisky will not drag and will lose his assets in the West can be completely confiscated “PrivatBank” and the Americans are focused on this option.

Options Vladimir Zelensky such:

1. To renew an extraordinary meeting to consider 16 thousand edits, and this means that consideration will be delayed even with the fast pace of the vote for a couple of weeks. But there is a key issue – it must persuade MPs Kolomoisky not to submit new corrections.

2. The right to negotiate with Kolomoisky, and try to change “Private” to other areas, where Zelensky gives to work and earn Kolomoisky – energy. But to compensate the claim of “PrivatBank” that doesn’t help, it is impossible to correct. In addition, the next step Americans can take to get Kolomoisky “Centrenergo”. To agree with Kolomoisky is necessary to withdraw the claim of “PrivatBank”, but the IMF will not allow it. Reliable option for backroom compromises not only temporary, associated with the huge reputational risks.

3. To break off relations with Kolomoisky and split the faction. Start to vote and not accept the new edits to close my eyes at all. To charges, claims, information war, but to push his decision in person. This means for the President Zelensky to become enemies for life with those who knows best business structure Zelensky, and owns the maximum amount of dirt.

Well, time passed, mutually beneficial compromises. The President needs to take responsibility for the country even under the threat of complete resetting of their ranking. Yes, and to do all the dirty work will have their hands – such is the price of “strategy of new faces” – that is, not experienced in politics and random people without professional skills, which the President appointed to lead almost everywhere. So myself, all by myself. Because right now it will be clear – was Vladimir Zelensky President, or not”, – Butusov wrote.