“Buy the disease in the child”: every Ukrainian can help sick children 24 Channel

"Купи хворобу у дитини": як кожен українець може допомогти хворим дітям - 24 Канал

Charity Fund “Country of good deeds” starts a unique campaign “Buy a disease in the child”, in which everyone will be able to help the children.

Thus, the Fund decided not just to fight childhood diseases, and to win them to his side, to the disease itself and raised money for his treatment.

“Perhaps someone may be confused by such a drastic and bold the campaign name, but isn’t it outrageous that children are unable to have help in the fight against serious illnesses? Our enemy is indifference. And we won’t stand on ceremony and call for the buy of disease patients! After all, the children absolutely don’t want your money, but their disease is very even. And now each of us can help!” – told the Chairman of the Fund Ruslan Needed.

"Купи хворобу у дитини": як кожен українець може допомогти хворим дітям - 24 Канал
All the money from the purchase of badges go to help sick children

Illustrative of the disease-monsters of advertising layouts in the largest cities of Ukraine are encouraged to buy disease. Radio music Pianoboy sounds the main message of the campaign is that you can’t buy in the store, even on the Internet do not, but the little kid is a disease.

It is a bold challenge that will not leave anyone indifferent. Because the disease can not be in another: she spares no one, no bones and no picks, and just one day the child learns that she, for example, cancer of the blood. It may be the most important purchase not only in a child’s life, but in yours!

"Купи хворобу у дитини": як кожен українець може допомогти хворим дітям - 24 Канал
The cost of the icon – 200 UAH

In the framework of the campaign “Buy a disease in the child” Foundation has released a limited series of icons. And despite the fact that they depict the disease is the best icons in the world, because by buying them you are helping sick children. Now they are available to order online on the page “the Country good deeds” on Facebook and will soon appear in trendy establishments and coffee houses in Kiev. The cost of each badge is 200 hryvnia, and all the money from the sale will go towards the treatment wards “of the Country good deeds”.

“The country good deeds”Is all-Ukrainian charitable project that engages everyone who needs help. No one here can just sit back and watch as others suffer. In this Country are confident that we can make the world a little brighter by helping children. The Foundation regularly publishes weekly reports of income and expenditure, so anyone can get all the information online.

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