Buzova showed up on live with a dirty visor caps

Бузова засветилась на видео с испачканным козырьком кепки

Needless to say that this has disappointed fans of the girls, because they are accustomed to its perfect appearance for many years.

Recently Olga Buzova posted on his social networking site instagram storis where she poses during a walk. On the girl’s head sported a black hat, but here’s the tricky point, visor headgear something dirty. Of course this did not go unnoticed among fans, but among the haters.

It is worth noting that she monitors her appearance quite sensitive. Because such embarrassing situations are extremely rare.

The last case occurred on the set of the TV show “Married with Buzova”. In that moment, when the girl began to smile, the audience drew attention to the leftover food in her teeth.Given the fact that during meetings with prospective husbands Buzova asked to say how she looks, in her opinion it was meant to be at the highest level.

In 2018, Olga began to consider almost the most discussed person on the Internet. Buzova not spared and show business. Fans are ready every day to keep track of personal life of a girl on the Internet, they are interested in details of the personal life of a star, what Olga thrilled, encouraging fans numerous photos, videos and stories on instagram.

Also she started her vocal career, releasing the clips, became a frequent guest on the show and on television, not only as a guest, but leading. For many girls, her actions are motivated by self-improvement.