By cash. In dentistry Krivoy Rog did not want to issue checks for services rendered

Мимо кассы. В стоматологии Кривого Рога не хотят выдавать чеки за оказанные услуги

The transfer of public dental clinics Krivoy Rog to self-sufficiency has created ideal conditions for what is otherwise massive financial irregularities it is difficult to call.

As it became known to the Informant from the post posted in Facebook by lady Tatiana of TTA, in order to get a check for x in Krivoy Rog dental clinic No. 5 is necessary to be fidgety fairly, and to run. Moreover, there is mounted a terminal Bank for the amount listed in 37 UAH took a fee of 11 USD.

Here’s what she wrote: “Never asked for a receipt in dentistry…..

But today there is a sports interest ))

I go to a private doctor, but do an x-ray in dentistry. Today I was x-rayed and said it costs 50 UAH, never recorded my name and taking my money. I was asked to write down, but I refused because I’m from another district. After said,”Wait.” I asked for the check, I was told that I would have to run. I agreed. The visitors began to say that her small charge. fee and there is nothing wrong if she does not write all in your journal (per day is 100 people, maybe more). I had to ATM. X-ray is 37 and 11 UAH paid Commission

I also saw how people were paid in cash, but the delivery didn’t give them (the change was sent to them on the phone), because with money they don’t work”.

It turns out that the cashiers of the state medical institutions with money do not work, and the specific professionals even work. Moreover, without providing any checks and without any accountability.

I will turn on whether the information in the health office of Kryvyi Rih city Executive Committee and how to react, hard to say.

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Мимо кассы. В стоматологии Кривого Рога не хотят выдавать чеки за оказанные услуги