By well-known Ukrainian singer attacked, rushed the police. PHOTO

На известную украинскую певицу совершено нападение, примчалась полиция. ФОТО

Famous Ukrainian singer NAVKA (Marina Tymofiychuk) was attacked

As told by the singer on her Facebook page, she was attacked June 25, about two o’clock. The incident occurred on the highway Nikolaev-the Annunciation on the way to shooting a new clip of the singer, reports the Politek.

Tymofiychuk told that the unknown threw a iron object under the wheels of the car in which the singer was riding with his crew. When the car was forced to stop, the attackers attempted to attack the passengers.

“We are beginning to surround an unfamiliar group of people. We were lucky that we were the actor, who owns kickboxing, as well as our partner video production John Zenkov, who has a black belt in karate. The boys recovered quickly and were able to fend off attackers,” says the star.

She said that the car had a lot of expensive equipment and valuable personal belongings of passengers. They with the crew called the police on the scene.

In the commentary edition of TSN Tymofiychuk admitted that he was scared during the attack and even began to hide their valuables.

“I want to tell you, never ride alone at night, because this situation can happen to anyone, if not for my team and the men in the car, I don’t know what would happen…Nobody can wish to experience it for themselves”, – said the singer.