Cable for the iPhone and Mac will go on massive sale

Кабель для взлома iPhone и Mac поступит в массовую продажу

Soon after the announcement of the Lightning cables that allow you to remotely hack the iPhone and Mac, the author announced the start of mass production of such accessories. Soon the device will appear in the mass selling.

What is known about the device? Hacking tool, called O. MG Cable, created on the basis of the original Lightning cables, so it looks very realistic. The difference lies in the special chip, which enables wireless access to Apple devices, according to ubergizmo.

At the exhibition, the Creator of Def Con have sold a few cables for $ 200 each. How much it will cost after the start of serial production, yet.

I support superprozrachnye process. (Almost) everyone who produces something, intends to remain silent until the day of release, when I imagine the whole thing, ready to sell, or at least the date is known
– said the designer of the device.

How to protect yourself? The output for those who are seriously afraid of hacking using a similar device – buy original accessories directly from Apple. The technology also has some limitations – the attacker and the equipment for hacking should be at a distance not exceeding 90 meters from the chip.

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