Cadillac raised prices on the sport sedan CT6-V

Cadillac поднял цены на спортивный седан CT6-V

Cadillac has increased the price of the sports sedan CT6-V.

Now the cost of said vehicle is of 6.07 million rubles.

Under the hood of the car in question is installed the Blackwing V8 engine with twin turbo, the volume of which is equal to 4.2 liters and power 550 horsepower.

It is worth mentioning that last year the manufacturer announced that top of the range model CTS-V will leave the conveyor, and as its replacement will be offered sedan CT6-V. some time Later, the representatives of GM, which currently owns the Cadillac brand, said that several cars would be removed from production plans, including a relatively new model CT6. But recent events, namely the increase in the cost considered a sports sedan, saying that the leadership of the group decided to revise their plans. It is not excluded that soon the manufacturer will perform with the new application.