California on fire

Калифорния в огне

In California continue to rage wildfires. On the North of the state and killed six people. The total area of fire increased to 35 thousand hectares.

The locals are saved from the fire escape. Their homes were forced to leave 157 thousand.

Paradise almost completely burnt out. Schools, shops, nursing homes – flames destroyed more than a thousand buildings. When authorities announced the evacuation of the population, on the outskirts of the city traffic jam. People abandoned cars on the roads. The way firefighters and ambulances had to clear with bulldozers.

“I got burns on face and hands when he tried to rescue the cat and bring the house of an old photograph. Neither I failed,” says a local resident Terran Hein.

Evacuation declared in resort city of Malibu, which has a population of 13 thousand people.

“Without a lantern because of the smoke couldn’t see. On my street of 22 homes. There are two. The flames spread from one building to another, until it burned down almost everything,” – says a local resident Patrick Nathan.

Just to fight the flames cast 2 thousand rescuers. To cope with the rapidly spreading fire the strong wind.

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the state of emergency in the state and ordered to provide the local authorities with Federal assistance.

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