Call the police a resident of Krivoy Rog helped stranded children

Звонок в полицию жительницы Кривого Рога помог попавшим в беду детям

One call to the police indifferent krivorozhane, pay attention to bathing in a pond of children, saved them from hypothermia, and possibly death.

This Informant reported the press service of the Patrol police of the city.

As it is written in the message, yesterday received the signal about the incident, the crew of the Patrol police immediately went to the specified location. Near the pond, they saw the brothers the 10, 6 and 3 years. The boys were completely wet.

Realizing the danger of the situation, the police immediately put the kids in the service car, wrapped their jackets and turned on the heat so they could warm up.

The arrived physicians examined the children and diagnosed three-year-old hypothermia, and six-year – SARS. Senior, fortunately, was not injured

Interestingly, none of the brothers could not identify, not only your home address, but even of his name.

Later, the boy showed his rescuers where he lives with his brothers, but the parents weren’t there.

All three were taken to the receiving hospital where caused is investigative-task force of Tarnovo police Department and employees of Juvenile prevention.

Police appeal to all citizens with the request does not pass by someone else’s misfortune, but to contact the police.

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