Called 5 can lead to hemorrhoids products

Названы 5 способных довести до геморроя продуктов

Some of the products in the process of digestion for a long time moving through the intestine harden, which promotes development of vascular plexus, hemorrhoids.

As reported in terms of isolation, it is important to have a diet that promotes good digestion. Doctors have warned that eating certain foods can provoke the growth of the hemorrhoidal plexus, or to annoy, strengthening the inflammation in already existing nodes.

Products, which may lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids, has been named to the edition “Arguments and facts” a physician-Coloproctology Clinic of Coloproctology sechenovskiy University, candidate of medical Sciences, founder of the Russian society of colorectal surgeons Inna Tolinou.

According to him, such products for a long time moving through the intestine, losing water and solidification. Thus during bowel movements a person has to push, which automatically increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

To this issue, in particular, maintains regular flour products in the menu. In products made from flour a little water, and the digestion of them is formed of very hard stool, said Tulin.

Also among these products, potatoes. It contains a lot of starch, slowly digested, leads to the appearance of a solid bulk of stool, which increases the load of the intestine.

The doctor advises not to eat on a regular basis and foods rich in protein, rich in spices and alcohol all food that can lead to inflammation of internal hemorrhoids.

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