Called 5 high in calories, but not harmful to figure products

Названы 5 калорийных, но не вредных для фигуры продуктов

Cheese, chocolate, avocados, olive oil add to a list of foods that are high in calories, however, bring health and figure more good than harm – it is reported portal Sm News.

Experts portal called a few calories, but it is not harmful to figure products.

Cheese. In addition to protein to help build muscle, cheese also contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12 and acids, contributing to the proper regulation of metabolic processes in the intestine.

Chocolate (black). Although chocolate contains a lot of fat, due to the abundance of useful minerals (magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium, vitamins B1 and B2) this product helps to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol. In addition, dark chocolate is a perfect suppressor of appetite excessive.

Eggs. They belong to fatty foods because of the large amount of cholesterol in the composition. But recent studies show that the cholesterol in eggs does not affect cholesterol levels in the blood. This product provides us with protein, which is very well absorbed by the body. Protein is one essential nutrient that provide figure slim.

Avocado. Israeli scientists have found that potassium-rich foods contribute to weight loss. Avocado has considerable content of potassium: it is 40% more potassium than other fruits.

Olive oil. Its use reduces appetite and blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory action. This may be due to its specific effect on body fat: olive oil promotes rapid weight loss.