Called dangerous health soup

Назван опасный для здоровья суп

The most dangerous for the body soup is Solyanka. This was stated by the dietician Irina Toropygina, reports BAGNET, referring to the E1.

According to her, people with cardiovascular diseases, obesity and problems with the gastrointestinal tract should refuse this dish because of the large amount of saturated fat it can lead to complications in disorders of cholesterol metabolism and heart disease.

“Due to the large amount of saturated fats hodgepodge not useful in any people – especially with cardiovascular disease, violation of cholesterol metabolism. This is the risk of the disease atherosclerosis, this dish can be irritating to the stomach,” said Toropygina.

In addition to a large number of products processed meat, in soup made with lemon and capers, which can be dangerous for people with stomach ulcers, gastritis, and pancreatic diseases.

Earlier, American scientists have found that people whose diet consists mostly of processed meat, potatoes, biscuits and pastries, are more likely to suffer dementia than those who consume more diverse food. The study involved 209 people with an average age of 78 years and dementia and 418 corresponding age, sex and level of education, without cognitive impairment.