Called everyday habits that can age for 10 years

Названы повседневные привычки, которые могут состарить на 10 лет

Everyday habits affect the appearance, and among them there are those that “help” us to look older than their years. Experts called habits, which are able to outwardly wear out by 10 years.

Talking on the phone, tilting his head to the side. If your life has a lot of telephone communication, this habit will negatively affect the appearance. When a person presses the phone to his ear and tilts his head, he is disturbed blood flow through the skin of the cheek and neck are formed of folds and creases – ideal for wrinkles. In addition, the cheek, to which is constantly pressed against the phone, is ptosis, tissue on her crawling down.

Spending a lot of time looking at the screen. We are surrounded by electronic devices, and is not hard to see in what position people usually read texts from screens in the posture with head lowered. Due to the fact that the head is all the time tilted her chin to the neck, on the face rise to swelling of the face, especially noticeable in the eye area. All this provides an ideal framework for the development of ptosis, wherein the fabric entity “slide” down, forming flews, second chins, giving the appearance of a sad look and aggravating the visual effects of aging.

To ignore glasses. Stylists is well known: after 40 years of correctly matched points young woman, hiding in different facial defects and failures starasia of the eye sockets, inevitable with age. Even if the vision is right, it is helpful to wear glasses with no lenses – they not only mask aesthetic problems with the face but also protect the eyes, help you not to squint are the prevention of wrinkles in the forehead and nose. But it is especially dangerous to ignore the sunglasses on the street – they need to be worn in Sunny weather all year round.

Chew on one side. Many people do not notice that they get used to chew food or gum on one side of the jaw. Over time, this can lead to facial asymmetry: one part of the face will have muscles with hypertonicity, and the other – on the contrary, weakened. Such violation adversely affects the appearance and makes you look older before their time.

Enough sleep. Health and beauty require 7-8 hours of continuous nighttime sleep. If you regularly sleep less than this amount, it is likely to get bags under the eyes, eyelids raised, tender, pale. The predominant time updates of various organs and systems occurs in the night hours. When the lack of sleep impaired synthesis of proteins collagen and elastin, which determine the framework of the skin, its elasticity and resistance to wrinkles. As a result, the person looks older than his years.

Complex effect. The scientists: a combination of Smoking, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and alcohol abuse adds to the age of the person the extra 10-12 years.