Called main cause of stress in women

Названа главная причина стресса у женщин

The results of the research were quite unexpected

Called main cause of stress in women. The results of the study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania were quite unexpected.

The researchers discovered that the main cause of women’s stress is homework, and many women’s household duties. Empirically, the experts found that the highest stress hormone levels in the fairer sex is not at work and at home.

The study authors noted that men often feel more comfortable in a home environment. At the same time, many women admit to the experimenters that they feel better in the office.

The experiment involved 122 women. The researchers measured the level of cortisol in weekends and weekdays. Scientists have discovered that the stress hormone levels in women was minimal. At home the level of cortisol was extremely high.

The researchers stressed that such a pattern was observed among women who called themselves the happy wives and mothers. Scientists explain this by the fact that after the end of the day women intensively in domestic work: cleaning, preparing meals for the whole family, wash and iron linen, check lessons of the children, taking care of Pets.

The bulk of domestic work falls on women, tired mentally and physically. According to experts, most of working women are responsible for children, husband and home. Such infinite labour they simply exhausting, the authors of the experiment.