Called smell that drives women crazy

Назван запах, который сводит женщин с ума

Women are very unpredictable personality, but men-scientists do not lose hope to understand them and carry out certain experiments.

This time they asked a question regarding the criterion for women in choosing a pair. Because in many cases even women themselves can not explain what they are attracted to a particular man.

After a series of experiments, the American scientists came to the conclusion that the scent of men bring women to ecstasy.

And it’s not eau de toilette or after shave gel, so not worth spending big money on fragrances from leading manufacturers of perfumes. Until recently, the above fact has not been proven, however, today, scientists can safely talk about the results of his experiment. They found that female gender crazy from the smell of men’s armpits, which usually allocates a set of pheromones. Pcakge in the course of the experiment, the scientists found that these pheromones contain the hormone responsible for female menstruation.

Analysts suggested that this discovery could benefit the science in the future, scientists will be able to bring a special perfume with the content of such pheromones. This will give men a chance to win the heart of any lady with its smell.