Called the cause of all diseases

Названа причина всех болезней

In Ancient China, doctors knew that emotions have a huge impact on the condition of the human body.

In accordance with the provisions of Chinese medicine, emotions are the main cause of all diseases, and different effects on individual organs. So, the lungs react to the sadness, the liver to anger, kidney is fear, stomach is susceptible to disturbing States.

In addition, each organ has its own “flavor”. Easy “like” all spicy and pungent, liver – sour, the spleen is sweet, and the kidneys is salty. According to the Chinese doctors, each organ has its own energy. This energy is called qi and is closely interrelated with blood flow, so doctors from China saying that the blood is the mother of energy, and energy controls the blood flow.

In Chinese medicine it is considered that the kidney is one of the most important organs in the human body. They are the basis of Yin and Yang and is an important energy hub. The kidneys are closely associated with the musculoskeletal system, hearing and perception of fear.

The liver is connected with the flow – it filters the blood and, as a rule, requires support during the menstrual cycle in women. About the problems with the liver may indicate the presence of itching, headaches and dizziness. The liver plays a critical role in ensuring a constant flow of energy and thoughts in the human body. If it is operating normally, no stress, simply can not be. People with healthy livers are calm, the ability to easily make decisions and are often excellent leaders.

First signs of liver dysfunction expressed in the form of anger, irritability, stubbornness, anxiety, anger and cruelty. If you do not give those emotions out, they can lead to deep depression and frequent mood swings. In addition, it is possible to allocate a number of physical symptoms of liver issues, among which the most common are menstrual irregularities, fatigue, tension, stiffness, pain under ribs, allergies, etc.

How and why happen to have emotional breakdowns

Emotions can cause many diseases, even the most healthy people. It’s enough just to hit the most sensitive point of your body and cause its dysfunction. And what happens next, already called psychosomatic disorder.

The person is not able to constantly avoid stressful situations, we all sooner or later encounter them. But each of us copes with stress in different ways.

So, if a person feels that can take control of the situation, he is taking active steps to resolve the problem. Otherwise, people resort to emotionally-oriented strategies that help to minimize the damage.

The worst thing we can do for your health is try to avoid confrontation, which ultimately will only increase the stress level and accelerate the development of the disease.

Psychosomatic disease – a disease caused by human exposure to stress factors, causing the whole body and its organs irreparable harm.

The pain in my heart

Joint research by doctors and psychologists showed that the “love and pain pass through the heart.” But other organs are also exposed to “spiritual attacks”. This means that “wounded soul” often has an effect on normal cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.

In addition, visible parts of the body too often become victims of “severe emotional turmoil”, including the skin on the chest, back and arms.

Women are more vulnerable than men

As a rule, women are more likely than men to suffer from psychosomatic diseases. However, they tend to believe that the cause of their suffering is of a purely psychological nature.

Men, by contrast, do not associate these illnesses with mental disorders. Their emotions have a “short shelf life” and therefore they are much faster and waste your emotional fuse.

The most sensitive areas of the body

The following organs (body parts) is the most susceptible to “emotional upheaval”:

Back. When you think that you were assigned all the difficulties of life, permeate your back pain and tension.

Respiratory system. Breathing difficulties, a General inability to breathe, choking or feeling like you throat something stuck, are external symptoms of carrying a fairly clear signal. Their causes are often psychological and emotional color, indicating that the surrounding people or events make you “choke”.

Heart. This body is stronger than all the others is associated with emotional life and survival in certain situations. When you are ready to date, your heartbeat quickens, and when you are near your loved one, you feel like your heart’s going to pop out of his chest. And when you are very frightened, your heart “stops”.

The organs of digestion. Introverts are accustomed to strenuously dig into yourself, often suffer from serious digestive problems. So, gastritis and stomach ulcers are most often diagnosed among those who experience difficulties with communication.

Skin. Rashes, pimples, and spots on the face suggests that person “uncomfortable in their own skin.” Sometimes the presence of skin diseases indirectly indicates the desire to get rid of some people or circumstances in your life.