Called the fruit that can slow the aging

Назван фрукт, который способен замедлить старение

Scientists have named an incredibly useful fruit that is loved by many Ukrainians and available on the shelves of our stores all year round. We are talking about apples. As it turned out, they can hold back the aging process.

This happens due to the reduction of oxidative stress, which are our cells.

As it turned out, apples are full of flavonoids which normalize the processes of regulation of cellular activity and protect cells from free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

The scientists write that people who quit Smoking and drinking alcohol and go to the flavonoid-diet, you can expect that their body will recover without the negative effects associated with accelerated aging.

Connection, which is so rich apples help the body to function much more efficiently, protect against toxins and are powerful antioxidants. That is, to fight free radicals, which damage cell integrity, which comes early aging, tendency to heart disease and cancer.

In addition, one Apple contains 14% daily value vitamin C, 6% potassium, 5% vitamin K. Due to the high content of water and fiber apples promote weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure. Apples are beneficial to the intestines due to the prebiotic pectin that is contained in them.

Doctors recommend to eat every day at least one Apple.