Called the most popular manufacturers of wireless headphones

Just a few years ago on the market there are wireless headphones that do not require any cables while charging or during sound transmission. Analysts at Strategy Analytics have formed a rating of the most popular wireless headphones among users from around the world.

The most popular manufacturers TWS-headphones

Presented in September 2016 AirPods, which, in fact, became the ancestor of TWS headsets, occupy 54,4% of the market. The results 2019, Apple sold about 58.7 per million branded devices various audits, reports Android Central.

What is TWS-headphones?
It’s completely wireless-ear headphones. TWS means True Wireless Stereo. Each earphone is a standalone device that is associated with a “partner” and player via Bluetooth. Connectors on them, charging from the case, which sells.

On the second line rating – Xiaomi, which occupies 8.5% of the market of wireless headphones and have sold about 9.1 million gadgets.

Closes the top three companies, whose TWS-ear headphones are most popular in the world, South Korea’s Samsung. It accounts for a share of 6.9% of the market and 7.4 million units shipped in 2019.


According to analysts, over the next five years, the market TWS headphone will grow to annual sales of 1.2 billion units. For comparison, in 2019, have been sold around 170 million fully wireless headsets.

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