Called the most popular used cars among Ukrainians in 2020

Назвали самые популярные б/у автомобили среди украинцев в 2020 году

In Ukraine at the end of the first quarter the number of registrations of vehicles increased by 11%, but the lion’s share in the total number of sales is a used cars, reports

Among used cars with mileage leaders are cars like Volkswagen Passat, Renault Megane and Skoda Octavia.

In the top 10 included:

Volkswagen Passat – 4684 registration;

Renault Megane – 4569 registrations;

Skoda Octavia – 4289 registrations;

Volkswagen Golf – 3536 registrations;

Ford Focus – 3005 registrations;

Skoda Fabia – 2209 registrations;

Opel Astra – 1983 registration;

Volkswagen Jetta – 1800 registration;

Opel Zafira – 1734 registration;

Nissan Rogue – 1463 registration.